BlueskyOpenroad is a place of experiencing the moment.

Welcome to the here and now. We exist in this exact Present Moment, not in the Past or in the Future. To fully experience the fullness of the Moment, a human must have a clear, well-ordered mind and be Present in a healthy, high-functioning body — Not always an easy proposition living in our times of Fast Food and Television.

In the finite reality of this world: (from guyMystique)

"You are who you are at this exact moment,
you are not a summation of your past."

BlueSkyOpenRoad is a Place of living in this Moment, where people can come together and exchange ideas, goods, and services as they share experience on The Road. Everyone coming to BlueSky has decided to actually Participate in the Dance instead of watching it from their easy chair…

"Therefore, what choices you change today
will change the future tomorrow."

BlueSkyOpenRoad exists as a Path to help you discover resources to help you achieve these goals, and meet other people who share your commitment and enthusiasm on the way… The Road provides a Place to learn and grow, as you participate in the process of creating a Community of shared interest, support, and mutual awe for finding the Extraordinary moments in the Commonplace experiences of life…