Blue Skies and an Open Road:
Clear Path and Clear Skies for beginning the journey.

Geoff LaPlace created the BlueskyOpenroad concept in 2004 as a medium to provide thought as one faced lifes changes and pondered new life changing commitments. was launched and a call to artists and collaborators was put out.

Geoff LaPlace and Rosiland Solomon met early in 2005 and began discussing the possibility of a joint company encompassing all their personal skills, talents, beliefs and dreams. was born as a vision of a sort of “Sesame Street for adults”, with a Consciousness Twist. In other words, a place containing gifted artists, talented teachers, healers, and extraordinary visionaries of all kinds to create a “Real Place” where learning and growing was fun; where singing and dancing and appreciating life was a daily occurrence; and where a virtual Community could grow and flourish with mutual personal, spiritual and financial benefits for all involved.

Like all “visions”, creating the Reality proved much more difficult than the founders originally thought it would.  Trying to put together an e-magazine that would automatically connect to a large self-building store containing many individual smaller stores, as well as a series of calendars, and other fully functioning and complicated service websites that could house several hundred members was not “the walk in the park” they thought it would be. No designer seemed to have the necessary experience to actually make this possible. After a year of tearing out his hair, Geoff decided to learn HTML codes and create the prototype himself. Now Geoff and Rosiland have finally created a working model containing all the elements they original wanted on the site. Of course, Bluesky will keep evolving and growing with many new permutations and facelifts; But today, in the end of 2007, we are presenting this latest version of BlueskyOpenroad as open to The Public for membership, inspection and enjoyment.

From 2005 thru 2008 BlueskyOpenroad was an e-Magazine with a Mall of Shops containing products and services written about in the magazine.  The Calendars section lists classes, events, gigs and openings of the different member artists, teachers, healers and performers. BlueskyOpenroad Promotional Services and Business Services design the needed print and web materials for member promotion.

At the end of 2008 Geoff & Rosialnd considered this venture completed with Rosiland spending more time in internationall licensing agreements at and Geoff LaPlace's expansion into business partnerships featuring business consulting and a new line of Relationship games.

In 2009 Geoff LaPlace has opened up six other web venues and created two more teams to advance the BlueskyOpenroad philosophy. The original web store an licensing of art is now handled seperately. The design studios of BlueskyOpenroad are still open but operate under names which more closely focus on their markets and audiences. When all else was removed - the original calling of "blue sky open road" returned.