Art Health and Motion: Vehicles for Conscious Living

Art is both the vehicle for delivering the message and also the artists who create the art with a theme/message in it.

Art is an intuitive process of absorbing information from the senses and distilling it into a personal interpretation that has meaningful tangible form. Art encapsulates the artists feelings, beliefs, thoughts or movements, as they exist in a moment of time. This form can be expressed visually, kinetically, interpretively or verbally, and shared with others.

Health empowers us to fully experience the moment. Health is both the vehicle of our bodies and our mind and heart which create the relationship which connects us to all.

Health is the state of Being Present in your body in such a way as to be able to absorb information from the senses and the environment and use this information to maintain optimum bodily functioning. Good health involves allowing all organ and energetic systems to flow without blockage, maintaining maximum energy and body capacity in such a way as to access all available Energy; Or, what I call, Maximizing Chi. To fully experience the fullness of the Moment, a human must have a clear, well-ordered mind and be Present in a healthy, high-functioning body — Not always an easy proposition living in our times of Fast Food and Television..

Motion is necessary for maintaining Health. Motion is action.

Motion is necessary for maintain Health as well as creating Art. Moving forward on a Path, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, using all available resources and for the Greater Good of all, is evolution..