BlueskyOpenroad is a place of experiencing the moment.

Rosiland comes to BlueskyOpenroad distinctly suited for her role as co-founder wearing many and diverse metaphorical hats.

From the time she was six years old and discovered that some plants and animals from millions of years ago still could be found as parts of rocks in cliffs in her beloved Cleveland Metropolitan Parks, Rosiland Solomon has been a student of The Nature of reality and the Working Structures of the Universe. Since getting a job as an apprentice wizard was out of the question, by the time Rosiland Solomon had reached the age of twenty-nine, her resume read like a page in the Want Ads section of the newspaper: counselor at a summer camp, nanny at several homes, page in a library, waitress at business conventions, cashier at a bookstore and pizza restaurant, cash accountant in a bank, coder at a research institute, receptionist at an employment agency, parts-order shipper at industrial supply shop, short-order cook at a orchard kitchen, maid at a hotel, claims eligibility specialist at a welfare agency, social service art specialist for a mental health program, forms developer for a health forms company, and paste-up artist at a newspaper, print shop and ad agency.

Her pursuit of understanding the Universe led her to pursue other non-vocational interests at this time, such as studying Taoist and other more esoteric philosophies (including Tai Chi), Yoga, Astrology, and Kabbalah.

At twenty-nine she finally settled on one of the few careers that could borrow from her experience in many fields, and became an illustrator of virtually everything. Children’s nature books, games and puzzles, advertising packaging and catalogs of everything from soup to nuts, literally; even a tarot deck and an Astrology calendar!

In her late thirties, Rosiland turned to her earlier metaphysical and philosophical pursuits, and began the serious study Taoist Universe Theory. One aspect, Energy Healing, stood out as an attraction, and she became  empowered to use a Series of Energy Workings (similar to Reiki) called Sirius. She began voluntarily working on people until her early forties, when the upgrade of computer illustration programs quickly shrank the existing  illustration markets, and she added an additional  career in alternative medicine.  Rosiland added both the studies of Jin Shin Do, a form of Acupressure combining Japanese pressure techniques and Chinese Medicine Theory, and CranioSacral work to her Sirius Energy Empowerments.

In the last few years, Rosiland has become skilled in Photoshop and still works as an artist and illustrator for both print and web. She also has a Holistic Acupressure Practice, consisting of Acupressure, CranioSacral techniques, and  Commonsense Counseling (analyzing all your daily routines and habits to identify the physical causes of stress in your life).

Her artworking skills  can viewed at, as well as in the BlueskyOpenroad Mall. Her acupressure website is also on BlueskyOpenroad at