Guide to Listing Your Items or Services in the Mall

This guide was prepared to help you get your products into the store in the most efficient manner, and which will also create the most web traffic and sales for your business. It is available in complete form as a downloadable RTF file - Click this Link.

What the Store guide Covers

The store guide gives specifications for pictures, text, and links to additonal web pages with further descriptions.You can submit multiple items in Excel format. A phone call to us can speed the process up considerably by clarifying exactly what items are needed most. Some basic things to consider about your listing are:

  • Which Type of Products are you Selling Services, Downloadable (screen savers, etc), or Products/Art/Cards to be Shipped.
  • Standard shipping charges (if applicable) are calculated from San Francisco even if they are shipped directly from the original Artist/Supplier.
  • Artists/Suppliers receive an immediate email for all the items registered to you in your store.
  • Your items can also be shown in multiple Pictures and Images - you are not limited to two.
  • We are only collecting taxes on items shipped to California. We collect and pay the taxes for you. You receive the money for your item or service minus applicable fees, taxes and shipping.